Nanobot Attachment Chart by Thelvyn

Attach Nanobot Chart by Thelvynair

Attachment nanobots are close combat combo weapons; fast and crazy.

They make you stay on your enemy due to short range, but it pulls off very nice combos. The skills are relatively quick and useful for keeping the combo chain alive.

There is a lot of variation between attachment types, such as GX-504T Blade dealing heavy attack skills, GX-519W Panleel dealing swift attack skills, and GX-520T Hwarang MK1 dealing martial art-type attack skills. Any action loving player would do good with this kind of weapon.

Dash attacking allows you to grab an enemy, which you may throw at other enemies (direction+A) or stomp on (A) or use grab skills on. Unfortunately this doesn't work in pvp. Due to the instability of grabbing, you should keep your trigger finger on the arrow keys calm, otherwise it could mess you up in the middle of battle.

WARNING: if you kill your enemy while in a grab, your client will crash when you release the nonexistent enemy.

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Video:Chain Combo

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