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Boarding is a special type of nanobot, where the user rides the nanobot into combat. There is currently only one known example of the Boarding type; the White Tiger. However, JCE is planning to release another one soon.

== GX-401V White Tiger

== GX-???V Blue Eagle


A very strong nanobot but it can't attack. It has a few passive abilites. Just having it in the inventory increases your hp

Quest Reward: Mission 29 Perfect Clear

Having it in your inventory does not raise your hp by 8k...
50 attack rate
defense rate 2
stamina 9 defense 9
I linked to a page that has all the recipe check the help desk

Healing light up to level 3 passive heal
Potent heart active skill raises maximum hp, party, level 3 requires fist king
Instant Healing, active heal, level 3 requires unlimited dual wield

Note: The Blue Eagle nanobot is seen at one of the final missions but iit is unknown how to obtain or if it is obtainable.

(Update below 4/22/12 by GXU IGN: Zeyku)

New boarding nanobots: Dust, Primordial, Motorcycle, Horror Wolf, Devil Dog, Bear, Eagle, Pig, Magic carpet

As for a few of the nanobot names, I do not know the name for the bear, pig, or the magic carpet

There may be a mount Blue Eagle, since there is a seed called Eagle. But I do not know whether it is a mount seed or a regular weapon seed.

Obtaining seeds:

Dust: Mission 8 perfect clear

Motorcycle: GKash shop cube

Horror Wolf: Gkash shop or Old Skool Event (players who transitioned from GX get a free mount)

Eagle(?): Miss Mio (this is not 100% sure so do not take chances unless you know someone who has bought one Eagle seed)

Magic carpet(?): GKash shop (limited time only I believe)-may be unreleased but GMs have been seen with it

Pig(?): GKash shop (limited time only I believe)-may be unreleased by GMs have been seen with it

Devil Dog: GKash shop

Bear: Gkash shop

Primordial: Gkash shop