Cyclone is the seventh Labyrinth Mission. Available at level 27. Contains ghosts level 27.

Cyclone Edit

Inside the Chaotic Labyrinth are sounds of Ghosts. The sounds gets louder, mixing in with the harsh winds and need to be silenced.

Perfect Clear requirement Edit

  • Deaths: None

Perfect Clear Reward Edit

Mission Clear Reward Edit

Exp Rate 13436. (first time only)

Guide Edit

  1. Talk to Bishapo by walking up to him.
  2. Accept Labyrinth-Cyclone (1/2).
  3. Move west and press D to zone into Cyclone.
  4. Kill all ghosts in the area.
  5. Turn in Labyrinth-Cyclone (1/2).
  6. Accept Labyrinth-Cyclone (2/2).
  7. Move north and press D to zone into Labyrinth.
  8. Kill Labyrinth the Great Demon's Shadow.

WARNING: Labyrinth Dark Ghost and Labyrinth Grey Ghost at Cyclone are invisible, they are only visible when they attack or get hit by attacks.

Maps Edit

Cyclone Entrance Edit

Cyclone Cyclone Entrance

Cyclone Entrance



  • Labyrinth-Cyclone (1/2) - Kill ghosts in Cyclone.
  • Labyrinth-Cyclone (2/2) - Kill Labyrinth the Great Demon's Shadow in Labyrinth.

Cyclone Edit

Cyclone Cyclone


Party map, ghosts don't respawn.


Labyrinth Edit

Cyclone Labyrinth


Party map.


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