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Nanobot Dual Chart by Thelvyn

Dual Wield Nanobot Chart by Thelvynair

Dual Wield Dual Wield is a Nanobot that can be switched beetween dual for faster killing and bow for heavy damage

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Level 41
Weapon Dual Wield
Type Swift Attack Group
Attack 103 + Dual Wield Training
- Character Level/10(?)
Defense 0
Special Strength + 12
Agility + 7

"First stage Blue Wing's evolved form. Specializes in swift hard blows during battle. Designed with strong striking power in mind. Although hotheaded and unwise in combat, its purposeful striking movements are a great asset."


(* initial skills) Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3
Moon Riven Sword 13 22 30
Nimble Spin 9 18 28
Twin Sky Wield 35 43
Dance of the Moon's Shadow 38 45 28
Twin Wield 17 24 33
Stratos Whirlwind 29  ?? 40
Series Dust Devil  ?? 27 36


Blue Wing(Level 36) → Black Knight(Level 41)

Quest Reward: NA
Seed Drops: NA Creation Recipe:

20 × Logia Backbone
30 × Bulloon Lifeblood
15 × Dimul Heart
500 × Mormo Tooth
500 × Monk Relic
1 × Purity 100% Soul