Gun-subtype Nanobot. Shown in Knife form (top), and Gun form (bottom)

Guns offer long ranged attack in a relatively narrow area. They have a 5-hit combo, but unlike others, their combos do not knock enemies down. Guns are a sub-type of Knives, being primarily Knife Nanobots with an alternate Gun form, which you can switch between with the Gunslinger skill, in much the same fashion as a Bow Nanobot. They have very good DPS and thus a high killing potential, and while good for bosses, they're not so good at mobbing due to low mob control.

GX-304T Magnum Edit

Level: 12; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S: 89 / 0 / Spirit+4
Evolution Proto (8) → GX-304T Magnum (12)
Combination GX-304T Magnum + GX-105X OctopusGX-507T Jetwing

GX-304T Magnum + GX-106W ThunderGX-306T Gatling


GX-304T Magnum

GX-306T Gatling Edit

Level: 19; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S: 91 / 0 / Spirit + 7
Evolution Gatling (19) → Cannondriver (26) → Cannondriver II (35)
Combination GX-106W Thunder + GX-304T MagnumGX-306T Gatling

Pet Mode

GX-309T Cannondriver Edit

Level: 26; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S: 92 / 0 / Spirit+12
Evolution Gatling (19) → Cannondriver (26) → Cannondriver II (35)
Combination None/Unknown

GX-309T Cannondriver

GX-317T Gunbladekop Edit

Level: 31; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S: 97 / 0 / Spirit+12;Agility+2
Evolution None/Unknown
Combination GX-208T Dualsaber + GX-317T GunbladekopGX-512W Adamant GX-317T Gunbladekop + GX-313X Storm BringerGX-323T Grenadier

Pet Form

GX-326T Cannondriver II Edit

Level: 35; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S: 96 / 0 / Spirit+17
Evolution Gatling (19) → Cannondriver (26) → Cannondriver II (35)
Combination None/Unknown
GX-326T Cannondriver II

GX-326T Cannondriver II

GX-323T Grenadier Edit

Level: 39; Weapon: Knife / Sharp Shooting Group; A/D/S:  /  / 
Evolution None/Unknown
Combination GX-317T_Gunbladekop + GX-313X Storm BringerGX-323T Grenadier