Medusa's Head is the fifth Labyrinth Mission. Available at level 23 after completing the quest Is this a test of friendship. Contains ghosts level 23.

Medusa's Head Edit

Ghostly air from the labyrinth feels like blocks of ice, cold and sharp. If you can't handle it, your body will harden into rock.

Perfect Clear Requirement Edit

  • Deaths: None

Perfect Clear Reward Edit

Mission Clear Reward Edit

Exp Rate 15076. (first time only)

Guide Edit

  1. Talk to Bishapo by walking up to him.
  2. Accept Labyrinth-Medusa's Head (1/2).
  3. Move east and press D to zone into Medusa's Head.
  4. Kill ghosts in area.
  5. Turn in Labyrinth-Medusa's Head (1/2).
  6. Accept Labyrinth-Medusa's Head (2/2).
  7. Move north and press D to zone into Labyrinth.
  8. Kill Labyrinth Fenly.

Maps Edit

Medusa's Head Entrance Edit

Medusa's Head Medusa's Head Entrance

Medusa's Head Entrance



  • Labyrinth-Medusa's Head (1/2) - Kill ghosts in Medusa's Head.
  • Labyrinth-Medusa's Head (2/2) - Kill Labyrinth Fenly in Labyrinth.

Medusa's Head Edit

Medusa's Head Medusa's Head

Medusa's Head

Party map, ghosts don't respawn.


Labyrinth Edit

Medusa's Head Labyrinth


Party map.


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