Mission 1 is a story mission. Available at level 1 after Prologue is completed or skipped. Contains ghosts level 1.

Mission 1 Edit

Save the Shops

I found out about Ghosts because I got caught up in the explosion at X Park and happened to find a nanobot. Then I learned about White Aurora and joined their crew. This mission is to get rid of the Ghosts who've raided the shops above White Aurora.

Perfect Clear requirement Edit

  • Points: Higher than 22000 points
  • Time: Within 14 minutes
  • Deaths: None

Perfect Clear Reward Edit

Mission Clear Reward Edit

Triangle Roll ×10. (Passed the Agent Test [2/9])
Sparkling Water ×10. (What to do When You're Hungry [3/9])
Unlock White Aurora Base and Shopping Town.
Exp Rate 5457. (first time only)

Guide Edit

  1. Talk to Luna by walking up to her. (Screenshot)
  2. Accept Scarrier Than the Ghost [1/9].
  3. Move south and press D to zone into White Aurora Base
  4. Head west and then north and talk to Tweener. (Screenshot)
  5. Turn in Scarrier Than the Ghost [1/9].
  6. Accept Passed the Agent Test [2/9].
  7. Go south and then east and zone into Battle Classroom. (Screenshot)
  8. Destroy 12 robots in the area. (Screenshot)
  9. Turn in Passed the Agent Test [2/9].
  10. Go north and Accept What to do When You're Hungry [3/9]. (Screenshot)
  11. Head east and zone back into White Aurora base.
  12. Head west and then North and turn in What to do When You're Hungry [3/9]. (Screenshot)
  13. Accept Ghost's Invasion [4/9].
  14. Head south and then west and zone into Shopping Town.
  15. Head south and then east and step into the center of the purple circle. (Screenshot)
  16. Press H and pick up the phone. (Screenshot)
  17. Head east until you see the yellow words Clothing Store.
  18. Go to the yellow words and zone into the Clothing Store. (Screenshot)
  19. Talk to Luna and accept Tweener's Great Victory [6/10].
  20. Head South and zone back into the Shopping Town.
  21. Kill 15 ghosts in the area.
  22. Go back to the Clothing Store.
  23. Talk to Luna and turn in Tweener's Great Victory [6/10].
  24. Accept quest The Jewelry Shop Lady [6/9].
  25. Go back to Shopping Town and then go east and zone into Jewelry store. (Screenshot)
  26. Talk to The Jewelry Shop Lady and turn in The Jewelry Shop Lady [6/9].
  27. Accept Who is the Crook [7/9].
  28. Retreive 9 Stolen Jewels from Intruder Jack then go back to The Jewelry Shop Lady and turn it in.
  29. Accept Thick With Courtesy [8/9].
  30. Zone into Shopping Town and head west until you see The Clothing Merchant and turn in Thick With Courtesy [8/9]. (Screenshot)
  31. Accept Storage Sewer Pipe, It's Quite Big [9/9].
  32. Head west and zone into Warehouse.
  33. Kill all the monsters in the area and then you're done. (Screenshot)

Maps Edit

Luna's Room Edit

Mission 1 Luna's Room

Luna's Room



  • Scarier Than the Ghost[1/9] - Go to Tweener.

White Aurora Base Edit

Mission 1 White Aurora Base

White Aurora Base



  • Passed the Agent Test![2/9] - Kill 12 ghosts in Battle Classroom.
  • Ghost's Invasion[4/9] - Go to Shopping Town.

Battle Classroom Edit

Mission 1 Battle Classroom

Battle Classroom




  • What to Do When You're Hungry[3/9] - Go to Tweener.

Shopping Town Edit

Mission 1 Shopping Town

Shopping Town



The Clothing Merchant

  • Storage Sewer Pipe, It's Quite Big[9/9] - Kill ghosts in Warehouse.

Clothing Store Edit

Mission 1 Clothing Store

Clothing Store



  • Tweener's Great Victory[6/10] - Kill 15 ghosts in Shopping Town.
  • The Jewelry Shop Lady[6/9] - Go to The Jewelry Dealer.
  • (phone in Shopping Town) Aesthetics of Waiting (Hidden Quest)

Jewelry Store Edit

Mission 1 Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store



The Jewelry Dealer

  • Who is the Crook[7/9] - Get 9 Stolen Jewels from Intruder Jack.
  • Think with Courtesy[8/9] - Go to The Clothing Merchant.

Warehouse Edit

Mission 1 Warehouse


Party map, ghosts don't respawn.


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