There are several type of nano bots. In order from the easiest to combo to the hardest would be as followed:

Gun , Sword , Knife, Dual Weild, Attach, Bow


Knife - Longer range melee nanos. Some with the ability to switch into Gunslinger form.

Sword - Short, fast, and weak. Comparably weaker than the other types, but its speed allows it to land more hits.

Attach - Fist type nanos, raw power is focused by this class of nanos. Knocks down enemy too easily.

Dual Wield - Fast and cutting. Basically equiping 2 Sword nanos. The speed is just slightly slower than Sword nanos. Some of these have the ability to switch in a Bow form

The strategies to combosEdit

Guns- They have the easiest combos. Mostly just spamming. Attack twice, then pause for a second or two, then attack twice again, and repeat.

Swords- Their combos are easy. There are two ways you can chain a lot of hits: 1. Attacking about 3 or 4 times consectutively and pause right before the final attack which ends with a long downtime, this way, you can hit 4 times, pause, and 4 more times. 2. When hitting them, if you want to avoid damage, you can attack twice and double jump. The two jumps will land the enemy with two more hits, making a total of 4 hits.

Knife- It is fairly easy, but since this requires a more difficult timing, it is third. When you do the first hit, dash and smash the 2nd hit during dashing. This will make your character do a dash attack, when you dash and hit at the same time. Becareful to not attack a 3rd time in a row because that would knock the opponent down. So it's Hit, Dash/Hit, Pause, Hit, Dash/Hit, Pause, and repeat.

Dual Wield- The comboing abilities are unknown. If anyone have a tip on Dual Wield combos, feel free to edit this.

Bow- Like Dual Wield, its comboing abilities are unknown.