North Wind Hill is the forth Labyrinth Mission. Available at level 20 after completing the quest The North Wind Hill, open!. Contains ghosts level 20.

North Wind Hill Edit

Evil ghostly air and unknown machine sounds are emanating from the mysterious labyrinth.

Perfect Clear Requirement Edit

  • Deaths:None

Perfect Clear Reward Edit

Mission Clear Reward Edit

Exp Rate 10904. (first time only)

Guide Edit

  1. Talk to Bishapo by walking up to him.
  2. Accept Labyrinth-North Wind Hill (1/2).
  3. Move west and press D to zone into North Wind Hill.
  4. Kill all ghosts in the area.
  5. Turn in Labyrinth-North Wind Hill (1/2).
  6. Accept Labyrinth-North Wind Hill (2/2).
  7. Move north and press D to zone into Labyrinth.
  8. Kill Labyrinth GX-0.

You will face two bosses simultaneously, GX-0 and Mr Murdoc. You will only need to defeat GX-0 to complete the labyrinth. Mr Murdoc will respawn if you kill him.

Maps Edit

North Wind Hill Entrance Edit

North Wind Hill North Wind Hill Entrance

North Wind Hill Entrance



  • Labyrinth-North Wind Hill (1/2). - Kill ghosts in North Wind Hill.
  • Labyrinth-North Wind Hill (2/2). - Kill Labyrinth GX-0 in Labyrinth.

North Wind Hill Edit

North Wind Hill North Wind Hill

North Wind Hill

Party map, ghosts don't respawn.


Labyrinth Edit

North Wind Hill Labyrinth


Party map.


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