Prologue is the very first story mission. Available after creating a character. Contains ghosts level 1.

Back story or the game; it introduces the player to the basic movements of the game while also introducing some of the main characters.

Prologue Edit

Meeting a Nanobot

Mission Clear Reward Edit

Triangle Roll ×20.
Sparkling Water ×20.
Unlock Mission 1.

Guide Edit

  1. Move east by pressing the right arrow key.
  2. Jump on the ledge by pressing S while moving east.
  3. Move to the ladder and climb it by pressing the up arrow key while moving east.
  4. Move north and Press D to zone into Restricted Area.
  5. Choose a nanobot and name it. (You can't change the name later!)
  6. Move south and press D to leave the room and zone into Mutation Part 1.
  7. Move east and press D to zone into Mutation Part 2.
  8. Press the tab key to make a contract with the nanobot (equip the nanobot).
  9. Kill all ghosts in area.
  10. Move east and press D to zone into Roof.
  11. Move east and end with a cutscene.

Maps Edit

Mutation Part 1 Edit

File:Prologue Mutation Part 1.png

Restricted Area Edit

File:Prologue Restricted Area.png





Mutation Part 2 Edit

File:Prologue Mutation Part 2.png


Roof Edit

File:Prologue Roof.png

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