The PVP system in GhostX is different from that of most MMO's. One applies for either a 1vs1, 2vs2 or a 3vs3 battle, and when opponents are found the fighters are transported to a fighting area.

1vs1 Edit

1vs1 is the basic type of fight: two opponents fight until one of them gets 2 kills. The battle is very straight forward.

2vs2 Edit

In 2vs2, creating tactics becomes more important in order to take down both your enemies fast. The first team to score 6 kills wins the match.

4vs4 Edit

4vs4 are the biggest matches, requiring 15 kills to win.

Rewards Edit

The rewards from winning-- besides the honour of course-- are some ranking points and a set amount of BP, which you can spend on special BP-only items in the shops.

After getting a certain amount of victories or defeats one will also be rewarded with special PVP titles.