This article covers simple quests. For the longer, story-centric missions selected from the City Map, see Missions.

Quests are tasks given by NPCs that provide a reward or progress the story during or between Missions. Quests in Ghost X are slightly different from those of other MMO games, in that they're usually not repeatable and they are essential to open new game areas and missions. Quests here are divided into 3 different categories:

General Quests Edit

These Quests take place in Shopping Town or non-mission maps, and almost always earn you super synchro and experience. You may also earn won, items, equipment, new Missions to play or maps to explore, or on very rare occasions, a new Nanobot.

Mission Quests Edit

Quests that usually take place in a mission you've previously cleared, but are otherwise identical to Basic Quests. Most of them have the name ending in (Mission Quest).

Hidden Quests Edit

Special tasks assigned by NPCs during a mission. These generally have no effect on the plot, unlike Basic and Mission quests. Most of the time, Hidden quests are found by replaying a Mission, but some have additional requirements, such as talking to a certain NPC during a certain phase of the Mission, or accomplishing some specific achievement within the Mission. An example is Mission 9, which has an unspecified combo requirement before its Hidden Quest becomes available to you.

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