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Several players sporting Titles

A Title is a prefix added to your name for some sort of achievement you completed during the game. These titles add on extra statistics to your character, as well. Any character can only keep ten different titles stored at Luna, if any other titles are gained one has to delete one of the older titles to register a new one.

PvP Titles Edit

These titles are gained by losing or winning in Duels.

Feel Death Through Duels Edit

Title given to you for losing a 1v1 duel.

Stats: Physical Defense Rating +4

Confidence in Duels Edit

Win in a 1 Vs 1 Duel.

Stats: Physical Attack Rating +15

Best Practice Partner Edit

Lose 10 PvP fights

Stats: Defence Rate + 20, Spirit Attack Rate + 22

One who is drunk at the pleasure of victory Edit

Win 10 PvP battles.

Stats: Critical + 12 , Spirit Attack Rating + 22

Defeat is not in my vocabulary Edit

Win 100 PvP fights

Stats: All Stats value +1,Defense Rate -20

Lacking duel senses Edit

Lose 100 PvP fights

Stats: All Stats Value +1, Critical -12

One hundred wins, one hundred scars Edit

Play 100 PvP battles

Stats: Spirit Attack Rating +22,Physical Attack Rating +7

Face Covering Blood Rain Edit

Accumulated PvP 1000 kills

Stats: Physical Attack +22, Critical +37

Mission Titles Edit

These titles are gained by completing missions with a Perfect Clear.

Breaking Through the Final Training Course Edit

Breaking Through Demon's Toenail Edit

First Class Merit For Luna's Rescue Edit

Breaking Through the Red Flame Edit

The One Who Stopped the Day of the Demon Edit

Breaking Through the North Wind Hill Edit

Breaking Through Medusa's Head Edit

Breaking Through the Riddle Edit

Breaking Through the Cyclone Edit

Breaking Through the Vortex Edit

The One Who Saved the Universe at the Theater Edit

Breaking Through the Armor Site Edit

Breaking Through Hisar's Remains Edit

Breaking Through a Crystal Cave Edit

Breaking Through an Ancient Passageway Edit

Breaking Through Great Lake Ghost Spirit Edit

Deliverance of the Lost Souls Edit

Destroying the Trident Edit

Destroying the Seven Blades Edit

One Who is Close to Truth Edit

Nanobot Collection Titles Edit

These titles are gained by collecting nanobots and completing your Recipe list.

First Stage Nanobot Hunter Edit

Hunting Expert Edit

Pro Nanobot Hunter Edit

Passionate Nanobot Collector Edit

Nanobot Fan Edit

Nanobot Researcher Edit

Hunting Professional Edit

You earn this title by having 50Nanobot recipes registered when your character hits level 35

Stats: Spirit Defense Rating +40, Spirit Attack +30, HP +80

Ghost Synthesis Expert Edit

Genova's Top Researcher Edit

You earn this title by having 70Nanobots registered when your character hits level 45

Stats: Defenese Rate + 100, Critical +160

Nanobot Master Edit

You earn this title by having 75Nanobot recipes when your character hits level 50

Stats: All Stats Values +1, Spirit Attack Rating +90, HP +360

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